Yakuza Fan Cup 2016 Highlights!

We held a tourney and only 2 people showed up! But that’s ok because it was an amazing time spent racing the night away. Watch the highlight real above and let me know what you think our next yakuza Fan community event should be in the comments below! Maybe we’ll even advertise it this time.

Congrats to the winner @Forte_Cannon on wiping the floor with us. You race good!

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time

I’ve always considered this site to be a place for fans to share their Yakuza love. We used to be able to quickly reblog things through tumblr but now that fan promotion is a little harder to do. Luckily we’ve got a fantastic community that are still just as passionate as ever about seeing this series succeed in the west. We’re all separated around the globe but interacting through twitter, facebook and discord I’d consider all of you friends.

Yakuza fan Jack (@CreamyElephant) has been a loyal reader, and backer, for a while now and asked if it would be ok to share his thoughts on something that he finds the Yakuza series does almost completely uniquely for a video game series.

Make sure you get in touch and let Jack know what you think or please leave a comment.

figma Kazuma Kiryu finally out December 19th 2016!

figma Kazuma Kiryu finally out December 19th 2016!

A year after being announced figma Kazuma Kiryu will finally be released December 19th 2016!

This is coming directly from GSC’s release schedule page so hopefully this time it actually makes it out. December 2016 has really become the month of Yakuza!

If you still want your own figma Kiryu he’s still up for preorder on HLJ and Amiami (20% off!).  But don’t delay as with most figma after their initial run don’t expect a reprint. Once they’re gone they’re usually gone forever!

figma Majima is also still on track to release May 2016.. for now.

[Thanks to @irateazrael79 for the tip!]

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