Kiwami Fun Pack 2 Now Available!

Kiwami Fun Pack 2 Now Available!

Grab the free upgrade to Ryu ga Gotoku Kiwami right now and unlock Kiryu’s awesome looking suit for use in Premium Adventure mode along with a bunch of useful items… ok most of it is crap but still that suit looks amazing! As usual just update your game...

Yakuza Kiwami now Available in NA and EU!

Happy Yakuza Kiwami launch day everyone! 

The full from the ground up remake of Yakuza 1 is now available and it’s CHEAP! Make sure you grab a copy! Our review is still a couple of days away thanks to rendering issues but what can we say without spoilers… We LOVE IT! To everyone that’s anticipated this for so long thanks for sticking with the series and to everyone that’s going into this from Yakuza 0 expect a darker more personal story.

Grab your copy now at Amazon or Digitally via the PSN Store.

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