Yakuza Fan Cup 2016 Highlights!

We held a tourney and only 2 people showed up! But that’s ok because it was an amazing time spent racing the night away. Watch the highlight real above and let me know what you think our next yakuza Fan community event should be in the comments below! Maybe we’ll even advertise it this time.

Congrats to the winner @Forte_Cannon on wiping the floor with us. You race good!

Backer Shoutouts for November 2016. Ads are gone on Yakuza Fan?!

We’re back with our Backer Shoutouts for November 2016! You may have also noticed that as of now we hit our $200/month goal on Patreon meaning our site is now ad free! Go ahead click an article and see that extra real estate… Feels roomy! Thank you so much to our incredibly generous backers that keep the site alive. I cannot believe how much this little community has grown over the past few months and interacting with each of you through twitter, facebook, or discord has been an amazing experience.

Special thank you to our biggest supporters:

Make sure to watch the video for the rest of our backer shoutouts as we try to beat the clock to Yakuza 6’s release. If you’re a backer at the $5 tier you can go and watch our monthly backer Q&A on Patreon RIGHT NOW

Back Us On Patreon!

Now that we’ve hit our first goal it’s time to get serious. We want to put together a complete and very complex timeline of every character and event in the Yakuza series. This will be a massive undertaking with video, images, character charts, the works! Of course we’ll keep doing everything we do here and the more we raise on our patreon the more we can focus on the site and channel. You guys are the ones supporting us and we’ve got no intention of stopping now. We’ve got 3 new games on the way in the west and the team at SEGA should be announcing their next game VERY soon!

Ryu ga Gotoku: Tamashi no Uta (Spirit’s song) JDrama Reveal & Trailer!

Announced at today’s final SEGAFes stream nagoshi took the stage to introduce the new Ryu Ga Gotoku JDrama “Ryu ga Gotoku: Tamashi no Uta” or “Yakuza: Spirits Song”. The drama will tell the an original story of 3 guys who move from Onomichi to Kamurocho. Weirdly enough the Drama doesn’t star Kiryu!

The Drama can be streamed exclusively through at Geo’s VOD starting November 30 and will be available on other streaming services starting January 11 2017!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m actually interested in seeing how they pull this off without starring Kiryu. Will be interesting to see more characters in that same universe. I just hope they tie in to Yakuza 6 somehow and we see them in the game to! Definitely feels like they nailed the tone.

Also spot the Nagoshi at 16 seconds in the trailer. I wonder if he’ll die in this series like he has in every other one (yes even the movie)

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