This one’s from a couple of days ago during the last SEGA Nama stream. Nagoshi sat down with Takaya Kuroda (the voice of Kiryu) and detailed why they decided to make Kiwami 2. Turns out the team were unsure if they wanted to continue but after seeing the sales, and at the time, preorder numbers of Kiwami they felt that bringing back the Dragon of Dojima’s second story for a wider audience would be worth it and Kiwami 2 was greenlit!

Sounds like the west really pulled through on this one it’s been so amazing to see the new Yakuza games come out but also be so well received by the western audience!

The only other real piece of news out of the stream is that Hokuto Ga gotoku (the Fist of the North Star game) will be running on the Kiwami engine instead of the new Dragon Engine. With all of the current internal reshuffling over within SEGA to get the game done on time they made the choice to use the Kiwami engine since the team has way more experience working with it. Nagoshi also stated that the anime cell shaded look of Hokuto Ga Gotoku was easier to achieve on the Kiwami engine while keeping the steady 1080p 60FPS.