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Limited Reprints of Yakuza 1 – 4 Now Available!

Looking to pad out Yakuza collection with the earlier games in the series Video Games Plus has you covered ordering brand new copies of all titles! That's right in 2017 we're getting reprints of 10 year old PS2 games! If you slept on the series and want to fill out...

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Yakuza Fan Podcast – Episode 23: Games of a Generation

Ok we got it no more quizzes. This week is another slow yakuza news week so we're going down the list of our favorite games by generation and Kal gets introduced to a new Yakuza card game (at the end of the show). Special Thanks to these...

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Yakuza 0 Free DLC3 Out Now!

Another tuesday another free DLC pack for Yakuza 0! Simply download the update file and visit Bob Utsunomiya to grab the 2 new packs for each character including crafting items, weapons, and a costume each! Just a reminder again you'll need to be in Premium Adventure...

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New Official Yakuza Capsule Toys

Announced today Ryu Ga Gotoku capsule toys are now available in Japan. It's great to see more Ryu Ga Gotoku merch but these honestly look kinda cheaply made. The bowl straps at least look a little bit better and will actually dangle from your cell phone or bag! Each...

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Yakuza Fan Shirts For February 2017!

We're back with our new shirts for February 2017! We've been inspired by Yakuza 0 and need everyone else to feel it to! So this month we've got 2 designs because honestly both seemed like a good idea! We've got our Dragon Of Dojima shirt right from the mean streets of...

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