Yakuza 0 Spoilercast

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR YAKUZA 0 (and some slight spoilers for Yakuza 1-5) We take to the discord and have a lengthy discussion about Yakuza 0! Did it live up to the hype, what were our favorite moments. Special Thanks to...

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Yakuza 0 Free DLC4 Out Now!

Getting out early this week the 4th free DLC pack for Yakuza 0 is now available. Grab each new pack from Bob Utsunomiya 0 and get ready to dress your favorite characters up in each others clothes and grab a bunch of bonus items! The Pocket Circuit Expert Pack for...

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RGG6 Photography Contest Week 4 Over!

The official Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 photo contest returns again! This week the theme was a photo with men! I don't even get how people are able to pull off some of these photos! We're now entering the final week of the contest and the theme is a photo with women. Since most...

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