Yakuza 0 Trophies Revealed!

Finally after weeks of waiting, just a few days before release, we finally get to see Yakuza 0's trophy list. It's pretty standard stuff for the Yakuza games and going for that platinum is going to drive you crazy. I already missed the Best Served Cold? trophy so...

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Invest In Yourself – Day 8 [Yakuza 0 Countdown]

Money Solves Everything! You'll quickly find out that money runs everything in Yakuza 0 this includes upgrading your abilities! In a total reimagining of the upgrade system from previous games in the series. For the first time ever your money IS your experience! No...

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Mr. Shakedown – Day 9 [Yakuza 0 Countdown]

There's a monster roaming the streets and he's coming for you.. or more specifically he's coming for your money. Mr. Shakedown is a force of nature. This roided out gym junkie wanders the streets waiting to jump you and make off with all your cash. If you do get...

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Completion Points – Day 10 [Yakuza 0 Countdown]

Let's take a break from story and focus on something a bit more practical. Yakuza 0 is full of amazing interconnected systems that serve to forward both the game play and story. Everything you do from hostesses to sub-stories is rewarded ensuring that the filling out...

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The Tojo Clan – Day 11 [Yakuza 0 Countdown]

Welcome to the next chapter in our countdown to Yakuza 0! Today we're taking a look at the ranking members of the Tojo Clan. The 25,000+ member strong organization that's slowly taking over Tokyo. From killers to extortionists this Yakuza family will get the job done...

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Kazuma Kiryu figma Unboxing

Let’s take a look at figma Kazuma Kiryu as we crack open his box and see if he lives up to the title Dragon of Dojima. Stick around until the end for some special guest figures.

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Free copy of Yakuza 0 up for grabs via our friends at TojoHQ!

Our pals over at TojoHQ are giving away a physical copy of Yakuza 0 (yes it's the Business Edition). It's a hard as nails Yakuza trivia contest where you'll get clues to solve a question each day (we even got to help out and write the final question so blame me for...

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