TGS 2017 Hokuto Ga Gotoku Trailer!

The more I see of this game the more I'm convinced it's a Yakuza game in disguise... that's not a bad thing! Hokuto Ga Gotoku continues to look amazing!

New Kiwami 2 Trailer! More Majima!

Coming hot out of TGS we get a new Kiwami 2 trailer! We finally get to see a little more of Majima's side story and if you've played yakuza Zero what a way to tie things together! Can't wait to see how this goes but I gotta...

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The Yakuza Adventures of Scott and Sam Oct. 13, 2017

Localization producers Scott and Sam from SEGA are back streaming Yakuza 0! Giving  a deeper look into what it was like localizing one of the best games in the series. Even in the first 10 minutes there's some great insight...

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Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 Gravure Idol Interview [RAW]

The official Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 Gravure Idol interview! JAV actresses Yui Hatano  Rina Hashimoto (thx Jacob!) and Hikaru Aoyama discuss what it's like to be included in Ryu Ga gotoku Kiwami 2! I will not be held...

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Latest Podcast Episode

Yakuza Fan Podcast – Episode 33: Countdown to Mania

Our sound got messed up a little this week and Lachlan is a little over powering. We reminisce and spend far too long talking about what we played and what we're looking forward to. Should finally be back into the swing of things! Next...

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