E3 2017: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Trailer

SEGA have just dropped the english subbed trailer for Yakuza 6! Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima (and the main protagonist of SEGA's long-running Yakuza franchise) will find out exactly how much people are willing to...

E3 2017: Yakuza Kiwami Trailer

E3 is finally upon us and with it SEGA is bringing a new trailer for Yakuza Kiwami! Being built on the Yakuza 0 engine you can see how they really made the most of it! Being retold in Kiwami is the nascent character arc for...

The Future of Sega – Teaser Video

Remember a few days ago when we posted the video of SEGA’s Nagoshi introducing the new SEGA slogan “Amazing SEGA”? Well good news now you can watch the video subbed thanks to IGN!

Still love the concept and really reminds me of the weird innovative edgy SEGA I loved from the mid 90’s. Give us more Nagoshi-san!

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SEGA’s E3 Badge Revealed: Yakuza 6!

SEGA’s E3 Badge Revealed: Yakuza 6!

After spending the last few days teasing the artwork for their E3 2017 badges SEGA finally revealed the artwork that will adorn everyone's pass at this years E3! Every year SEGA provides the badge artwork for E3 with last year being Persona 5 the trend of awesome...

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The Dragon Rises Again in Yakuza Kiwami

A slick new story trailer is now out for the total remake of Yakuza 1; Yakuza Kiwami! So great to see the hype machine starting up for Kiwami it’s awesome and at the budget price it’s a don’t miss!

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SEGA’s New Corporate Identity “Amazing SEGA” Commits to Quality, Promises More Surprises Coming

SEGA’s latest restructuring has led to the creation of an entirely new concept in hopes of simply communicating their Corporate Identity.

The new identity “Amazing SEGA” promises to excite and surprise players with the quality you should expect from one of Japan’s top entertainment creators.

Current SEGA Corporate Director, and Chief Product Officer (not to mention director/creator of the Yakuza series) Toshihiro Nagoshi takes us behind the scenes in the creation of this new identity that will hopefully be a solid foundation for all SEGA brands and subsidiaries going forward. Using an in house developed headset to measure the human eye while playing SEGA games. The headset captures moments players feel excitement and joy while gaming! They then took this data and converted it to images and sounds to create a visual and audio representation of that moment that SEGA amazes the players.

It’s an amazing idea and I love the idea of capturing surprise to use in your brand. It’s a very SEGA thing to do and one of the reasons I still stand by that company today.

Hit the jump to see more behind the scenes videos.

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KHHSubs Now On Patreon!

KHHSubs Now On Patreon!

Long time Yakuza Fan and friends of the site KHHSubs are now on Patreon to help fund translations of Ryu Ga Gotoku games and related content videos! Head over to http://patreon.com/KHHsubs and give if you can. KHHSubs has been subbing unreleased Yakuza games for years...

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Super Best Friends Play Yakuza Zero

Typically I won't post let's plays but SBFP have been some of the strongest supporters of the series over the years! The hypest gameplay on Youtube continues as they battle their way through the beginning of Yakuza 0!

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