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Welcome To Japan – Day 12 [Yakuza 0 Countdown]

Welcome to our new feature where every day we're going to show off something cool about Yakuza 0 that shouldn't be overlooked. The game is out January 24th 2017 and the buzz is getting around but there's just so much to do in the game that you might not even know...

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RGG6 Photography Contest Week 2 Over!

Week 2 of the official Ryu Ga gotoku 6 twitter contest has wrapped up (remember this is for Japan residents only). Next weeks theme has also been revealed "Take a photo of a miracle in Jingaicho". Here's the winning photos for this week where the theme was "Take a...

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Yakuza 6 Final Free DLC Out Now!

The final offering of free DLC is now available for Yakuza 6! Next time you connect to the PSN the game should update and you'll unlock the ability to wear this tiny headed Michio Ono costume around Kamurocho and Jingaicho. Equip it from your hideout and go nuts as...

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Yakuza 0 Preview – A Tour Of Sotenbori [Preview]

Our preview footage of Yakuza 0 continues! We're back with Majima in Sotenbori. Doing some substories, checking out the playspots and we even run into trouble with Mr. Shakedown! Yakuza 0 is out on January 24th 2017 and thanks to SEGA we...

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