The Dragon Rises Again in Yakuza Kiwami

A slick new story trailer is now out for the total remake of Yakuza 1; Yakuza Kiwami! So great to see the hype machine starting up for Kiwami it’s awesome and at the budget price it’s a don’t miss!

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SEGA’s New Corporate Identity “Amazing SEGA” Commits to Quality, Promises More Surprises Coming

SEGA’s latest restructuring has led to the creation of an entirely new concept in hopes of simply communicating their Corporate Identity.

The new identity “Amazing SEGA” promises to excite and surprise players with the quality you should expect from one of Japan’s top entertainment creators.

Current SEGA Corporate Director, and Chief Product Officer (not to mention director/creator of the Yakuza series) Toshihiro Nagoshi takes us behind the scenes in the creation of this new identity that will hopefully be a solid foundation for all SEGA brands and subsidiaries going forward. Using an in house developed headset to measure the human eye while playing SEGA games. The headset captures moments players feel excitement and joy while gaming! They then took this data and converted it to images and sounds to create a visual and audio representation of that moment that SEGA amazes the players.

It’s an amazing idea and I love the idea of capturing surprise to use in your brand. It’s a very SEGA thing to do and one of the reasons I still stand by that company today.

Hit the jump to see more behind the scenes videos.

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Yakuza 6 Troubles with Localization GDC 2017

Here’s one of the things I’d never considered when it comes to localization. With tensions between these countries so high and SEGA trying to break into the Chinese market I can see why they may have such a problem with this.

Jung-Sheng Lin posits that by simply using the line the “country” of Taiwan in the hostesses question Taiwanese gamers praised SEGA for being progressive or siding with Taiwanese people that would like independence from Chinese rule. Of course as soon as Chinese celebs started hearing about this and the news started spreading SEGA needed to patch the game and remove the dialogue completely so as not to stir controversy.

Something that should have been a nothing issue needed new dialogue to be recorded and an entire patch rolled out even though the game hadn’t officially released in either country yet!

Watch the entire GDC talk after the jump!

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famitsu opens voting for best Action/Adventure games of all time. Yakuza 0, 4, and 6 on shortlist!

famitsu opens voting for best Action/Adventure games of all time. Yakuza 0, 4, and 6 on shortlist!

famitsu are currently polling users on what they think is the best action adventure game of all time.

The editors put together a short list but the voting process itself is write in. If you want to see Yakuza get the top spot head on over to the famitsu voting site and fill out the form to submit your vote!

Hit the jump to see how you can add your vote and let them know why your favorite Yakuza games deserve a place on the list!

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Fan Update from SEGAFes 2016

Fan Update from SEGAFes 2016

Got a facebook message from Kent a fan that’s currently in Tokyo that got word of the SEGAFes happening today through our own facebook page that led him to track it down! Who says we aren’t changing lives?

Thankfully he had his phone on hand to get some exclusive photos of the event!

Imagine you’re just out for the day and you stumble into a SEGA event. What a wild ride.

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Yakuza Kiwami Guide by Ryu Ga Gotoku Fan

Yakuza Kiwami Guide by Ryu Ga Gotoku Fan

The awesome guys over at Ryu Ga Gotoku Fan have put together a (mostly) complete guide for Kiwami for PS3/PS4 so anyone looking to import the amazing from the ground up remake of Yakuza 1 can now do so without needing to worry about whether or not they can enjoy all...

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