Bunch of new screenshots and a preview of some of Yakuza 5’s sub-stories!

Kiryu is doing deliveries that need to be completed safely and quickly.

Saejima is doing a substory based on the Little Match Girl (given how that story ends it could be VERY interesting).

Haruka gets to hang out with her friends.

Shinada has to work part time at a convenience store to help out the owner.

Akiyama (In what I think are the first screens where we’ve seen him playable) will be an Idol manager as well as talking to people about loans they have made with his money lending company (like in Yakuza 4)

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    Oh my god, is this an Akiyama boogie down minigame? IS THIS AN AKIYAMA BOOGIE DOWN MINIGAME? You don’t even know, Sega,...
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