As is the customary with Yakuza game launches in Japan 1000 stores are competing for the coolest Ryu Ga Gotoku display and giving away some free stuff in the process!

Come into any store marked with the advert to our right and you can see their awesome display and take a photo of a QR code to get a free phone wallpaper every 2 weeks! All of the upcoming phone wallpapers are below with the dates they will be available including a secret wallpaper that won’t be revealed until January!

If any of our fans visit these stores and can hook us up with photos of either the QR codes or wallpapers please get in touch with us on twitter!

You can visit this link to see most of the displays but we’ve gone through and picked our 5 favorite you can see below!

Look for this sign at participating businesses to grab your free wallpaper!

Free Majima PS4 theme when you preorder at any participating store!

Our 5 favorite store displays