Forging The Dragon [Part 8]

Finally, Ryu Ga Gotoku releases. With a budget of 2.1 Billion yen behind it can it hope to recoup its costs? Or will Nagoshi be out of a job?

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  • Peter Pietkiewicz
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December 2016 Q&A Preview and Backer Shoutouts!

Happy 2017! We’re thanking our Patreon sponsors and letting you guys know where we’re at with Yakuza Fan! Thanks for all the support last year and please be excited for 2017!
Yakuza 0 is right around the corner and we can’t wait!

Special Thanks to these Patrons:
Peter Pietkiewicz
Jordan Gonzales (@Forte_Cannon)

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Forging The Dragon [Part 2] – Inspirations

The adventures of Nagoshi and his team continue in our latest episode! We learn of his personal tragedy that inspired the story and the ultimate gamble with his career proving to SEGA how serious he was about creating Ryu Ga Gotoku.

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