Coming from Bloomberg Japan revealed from several sources, who’s names were withheld to protect their anonymity, NetEase is looking to poach Nagoshi from SEGA.

While there’s no official word from any either SEGA or NetEase it’s looking like  with his recent restructuring at SEGA Nagoshi is looking for something new and NetEase is happy to provide. NetEase has been scooping up Japanese developers and talent in a bid to work within other countries who’s development laws are less restrictive than their home in China.

For fans worried about the Yakuza Series remember that while Nagoshi is instrumental in the creation process he’s not the only person on the team and both Like a Dragon and Judgment had different producers. The team and series will continue to exist without him. Nagoshi-san has been with SEGA since 1989 and until today was expected to stay with the company indefinitely.