Let’s take a break from story and focus on something a bit more practical. Yakuza 0 is full of amazing interconnected systems that serve to forward both the game play and story. Everything you do from hostesses to sub-stories is rewarded ensuring that the filling out your completion list is actually worth while and not just a trophy grind.

Today let’s learn about the CP store a new system in the mainline series that will let buy upgrades outside your skill tree.

What Are Completion Points (CP)?

Completion Points are another type of currency you can use to level up and purchase upgrades at shrines located in both cities.

Harder to get but just as important trading in Completion Points lets you buy skills from the CP store that will improve your abilities outside of battle.

How Do I Earn More CP?

Just as the name implies you unlock CP by knocking off items on your completion list. Most of these you’ll unlock naturally throughout the game. Either through completing sub-stories or even just walking around town.

Some, however, are tied to completing certain conditions. From weapon crafting to eating everything on a menu at a restaurant. Everything you do in the game will get you one step closer to marking items off this list. And with every successful completion you’ll gain a point!

What is the CP Store?

The CP store is inside a traditional Japanese shrine located in the center of both entertainment districts. Introduced originally in Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin this awesome feature is back for Yakuza Zero.

Stop by the shrine to pay your respects and you’ll be introduced to one of the best new mechanics in the game.

By spending CP points you can unlock upgrades, secrets, and passive skills for both Kiryu and Majima.

Where Is The CP Store?

Located in the center of both Kamurocho and Sotenbori the CP Shrine is available as soon as the map opens up to both characters. In Kamurocho it’s replaced the Nakamichi Street Poppo mart. In Sotenbori people that played Yakuza 5 will likely recognize the shrine from Haruka’s chapter tucked away down a back alley.

Manned by Bob Utsunomiya 0, the 1988 version of everyone’s favorite green haired, clown faced Yakuza, veterans of the series should be able to tell right away that this place is important to unlocking special rewards.

What Can I Buy There?

Visiting the store lets you purchase upgrades for passive skills outside of combat. Things like a longer sprinting time, or more money earned per battle, and even the cool down timer on Kamurocho Real Estate Royale can be upgraded here as long as you have CP Points.

Skills need to be unlocked sequentially so don’t expect to get your hands on the best upgrades right away but as you earn and unlock you’ll start seeing the rewards stack with each new purchase.

This is Awesome!

Sounds great right?! The CP Store adds a whole new level of interactivity to the world. Instead of the side activities being meaningless filler adding this new element gives you something to work towards that will actually affect the rest of your game.

So take a look at the completion list right from the pause menu whenever you feel like you want a break from the main story and maybe you’ll find something in Yakuza 0 you never expected to enjoy.