Creative tie in announced between Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin and Hanako Tavern. Nagoshi-san was on site to announce and give details!

Starting Feb 4, 2014 Hanako Tavern (in Japan) will have Ishin inspired meals. If you order any of these meals you will get a souvenir lighter and are entered in to win a PS4 and copy of Ishin or 1 of 4 PS3 copies of Ishin!

If you’ve already preordered the game you can get a coupon from the place you pre-ordered at to save another 500 Yen on the meal!

To top it off there’s also a RGG series character name discount offering all visitors that have names and occupations that match that of certain RGG characters percentage discounts when you eat in!

The characters eligible are Kiryu Kazuma, Sawamura Haruka and, Goro Majima

If you’ve got the same last name you’ll get a 22% discount. If you’ve got the same first AND last name you’ll get a 44% discount, if you have the same first AND last name AND work as either a Taxi Driver (Kiryu), Construction Worker (Majima) or in the entertainment industry (Haruka) you’ll get a 66% discount!

Definitely one of the most creative tie-ins and contests they’ve done!