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We got more details this morning from Famitsu regarding the master of Yakuza 5 that will be training our heroes. The masters will be teaching our heroes skills for battle and also have a story to go with them so they’re not just random people that give you skills but actually have there own side stories to go with them!

Sosuke Komaki training Kiryu
Living in Fukuoka, grandson of Sotaro Komaki, he will be training Kiryu and honing his skills. The younger Komaki is more firey than his grandfather.

Tendo training Saejima 
Tendo is an old man who lives in a shrine in the mountains. When the offerings in his shrine are enough Tendo will be possesed by the mountain god and will train Saejima using magic and martial arts.

Daijiro Saigo training Akiyama
Ex soldier who will be training Akiyama through his experiences in fighting in the middle east.Even though he is pushy about it Akiyama relectently accepts his training.

Lion Ayanokoji training Tatsuo Shinada
In Sakae Nishiki Tatsuo will discover a strange man who refers to himself as Lion Ayanokoji.