The Like a Dragon 0 collaboration has been held since March 30th in the popular management sim app Please, President! Earlier this month the event launched and you were able to get special edition outfits for both Kiryu and Nishiki from Yakuza 0. Starting this week some new outfits for your Presidents and Secretaries have been added to the app for Goro Majima, Makimura Makoto, and Reina.

You have until April 12th, 2024 to add the outfits to your collection.

What Is Please, President! (Onegai President!)?

Please, President! is a company management simulation game where you start a business from scratch, accumulate assets, and aim to build your own business empire.

Expand the size of your company by training your favorite human resources, negotiating with other managers, and even acquiring other companies.

Unique characters such as kind and considerate office ladies, energetic idol girls, and charming wives are waiting for you to hire them. Of course, a talented and beautiful secretary also appears and helps with various tasks. If your business is successful, you can even get a luxury car. Modify it and make it your own unique car.

Please, President! has surpassed $200 million in global revenue, making it the top grossing Japanese mobile simulation game for the third consecutive year. Please, President!  exceeded $200 million in global revenue in January 2024. It’s been the top grossing game in the mobile simulation game genre in Japan for three consecutive years (2021-2023)!

You can also enter to win a signature from Nishiki’s Japanese VA Kazuhiro Nakaya by entering the contest below. This contest is only open to residents of Japan.