It’s no secret our official discord has been in need of an overhaul for a while. So after much deliberation we’re partnering with the Subsidiary of the Tojo Clan discord to become our new home. It’s sad to see the old one get put aside but for the continued growth of the site and bringing all the Yakuza fan communities together having a one stop place where everyone can hangout and exchange ideas (and memes) with other fans is a no brainer. Thanks to all the guys that are working hard to make this partnership happen Yakuza truly has the best community out there!

With any luck we’ll be getting partnered with discord themselves to make the service even better. So if you’ve been on the fence about joining an awesome community now’s a great time to jump on and have some amazing discussions with other fans. I’ll be jumping in from time to time so I look forward to hanging out with you guys some more in the coming months as we grow even bigger!

Join The Discord Here

Over the next few weeks we’ll have some more major announcements as we head towards the release of Yakuza 6!

(Thanks Olsy for the awesome Yakuza discord logo!)