Yakuza: Like a Dragon Director Ryōsuke Horii tweeted out a couple of pictures today of the original concept art for Ono Michio.

Proving you don’t have to be an amazing artist to come up with iconic characters!

First up is his original design concept art:

As you can see his design was slightly different with his Chest Waders, 2 fish, and WW2 style cap (Presumably as the town of Onomichi built ships during the war). Seems like his charming hassaku face was always going to be part of the design right from the start.

The second is the final draft of the character that was his approved design. Even then you can notice the changes when the character was finally created in the Dragon Engine. Notable his fish pouch and sash are missing. Along with his shirt saying OMC instead of his classic catch phrase “ONO”.

Update: This version was added to the list!

Love seeing early concept art! His final design is a masterpiece.