Trader 3: The Otaku Yakuza

The Otaku visits a Japanese gangster for an imported copy of Yakuza 5 and invites him to join a small Anime Club, who he then inspires to expand their influence.

Trader takes an unflinching look at the game trade, through the eyes of both the dealers and the players.
Trader | Trader 2: Power to the Players

To be continued.

I’m super proud of this one, it’s a sequel to The Otaku and Jeff Sloniker is incredibly funny as a Takeshi Kitano gangster. Watch and love it!!! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

Frank Howley’s Trader web series takes a look at the lengths Yakuza fans will go to get their favorite game. 

Before anyone thinks Frank’s being insensitive know that he’s a huge anime and japanese film nerd and it all stems from a place of love.

Watch Trader part 1 here and part 2 here.

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