When you kill the octopus, you want to spear it clean through its vital with one blow. You let pity slow your hand and you’re just gonna make it suffer longer. Got that? Right between the eyes. Take aim… And do it just like that. With love.
— Pops, Yakuza: Dead Souls (Of the End)

Disclaimer: Tons of spoilers.

I figured it has been a long time since I’ve done any decent game reviews so I thought I should get back to it. Today I’m not going to continue where I’ve left off previously, I’m going to start on a brand new series I’ve never touched before. 

4. Ryu ga Gotoku 龍が如く

Recently I tried the game or better known as Yakuza for more English gamers, and I actually started with the spin-off “Yakuza: Dead Souls”. 

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Great write up of what is likely the worst Yakuza title. If you liked Dead Souls you’re going to fall in love with the main series!