Got a backup of questions so why not give some answers!

To all of the above submitters:

First up I love to hear the support from you guys who just want to play a new Yakuza game. I’m right there with you! But;

Please remember that Yakuza Fan is a fan run website not affiliated with Sega in any way. We do this for the love of the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku series and Team Ryu Ga Gotoku. We don’t have access to Nagoshi, Sega’s internal development studios, insider info, anything!

As soon as Yakuza 5 or Yakuza Ishin is announced for the western market I’ll post on the site. We’ll celebrate together! Until then, though 

If you’d like to ask me something head on over to and submit!

If you would like to know what’s the hold up on Yakuza 5 PLEASE send a tweet (or better yet an email) over to Sega. The more interest shown in this series the more likely it will be to get it translated!