Hello. This is a very lazy and n00bish question which I’d like to apologise for before asking it. I’ve been a yakuza fan since the beginning but have never considered purchasing an import of games like Ishin and Kenzan. I’d just like to know how difficult it is to play these games alongside an online guide or something and if it’s worth it. Judging by the series as a whole, it probably is right?

Definitely is! There’s some fantastic guides out there especially KHHSubs amazing Ishin guide over here and ThePatricks awesome text guide for Kenzan over on Gamefaqs makes being able to play them pretty doable even without understanding a word of Japanese.

Not to mention our (hopefully) helpful Quickstart guide series on Youtube for Ishin!

Honestly every game in the series has its charm, even the remixing of Yakuza 1 in Kiwami has some awesome new additions. Hell the PSP exclusive spinoff titles have unique things going on (and it’s honestly cool to just see other characters taking the lead.)

Totally worth importing, and totally playable.

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