Getting tired of beating up thugs all day? Relax at the Hi-Tech Land SEGA in either Sotenbori or 2 different locations in Kamurocho. Offering up 4 classic SEGA titles hand picked from the 80’s to make sure you’re really feeling what it was like to visit an arcade back in the day!

Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Super Hang-On and Out Run are available for you to check out right away. Recreated with amazing style and a host of filtering options you can even play in 4:3 with the original scan lines by tapping L1 at any time.

Not just that you’ve of course got the classic SEGA UFO catcher stocked with an amazing collection of 1980’s SEGA themed prizes for you to win!

The Arcade Experts

Space Harrier


Developed by SEGA in 1985 and designed by industry icon Yu Suzuki. Space Harrier will have you running through a 3D world shooting down aliens and kicking ass.

Praised as one of the most innovative and unique arcade experiences on its release a slew of knock offs were created but none of them could ever hope to live up to the original.

Fantasy Zone

Released in 1986 Fantasy Zone follows the strange spaceship life form Opa-Opa as he attempts to save the Fantasy Zone from collapse. Designed by Yoji Ishii Fantasy Zone and it’s amazing colour scheme and pseudo open world level design were a direct contrast to other games released around the same time that focused largely on sleek combat of Gradius.

Fantasy Zone remains one of the most unique shmup experiences ever to be released.

Super Hang-On

A follow up to the 1985 arcade game Hang-On, Super Hang-On released to an eagerly excited crowd on 1987 improves on Yu Suzuki’s original in a ton of interesting ways.

Most notably is the feeling you get while playing. nothing before or since can match the feel you get sitting in a Super Hang-On machine turning your body just the right way and seeing the tine bike on screen mimic your movements 1:1. But since you’re playing Yakuza you’ll just need to settle with the feeling of playing one of the best games released in the 80’s!

Out Run

Created by Yu Suzuki and released worldwide in 1986 Out Run is hands down our favorite game on this list. We’ve got so many memories of heading to arcades to check this out and dropping and obscene amount of money as we tried to get further and further through the world.

Even the original sound track is included so make sure you pick Magical Sound Shower or you’re not experiencing this masterpiece the way you should.