Starting at Chapter 6 you’ll gain access to one of the most unique parts of Yakuza 0; Real Estate Royale. This amazing mini game lets you buy a virtual stake in kamurocho and it’s businesses by buying up shops all over town and protecting them from miscreants.

You’ll be buying up property all over town and eventually you’ll draw the attention of the 5 kings of real estate as you each attempt to out buy each other and control the city!

Pay Cash

Buy up the businesses around Kamurocho to expand your empire and your profits.

The 5 Kings

Take on the 5 kinds of Kamurocho and become a real estate tycoon as you cash in on the property boom.

Money is Power

Upgrade your businesses by taking your profits and reinvesting. The more you invest the better rewards you’ll get when it comes time to collect.

Call in some favors

Managing your real estate agency is quick and easy. Simply enter the Sugita building on Suppon street and you’ll have everything you need to keep your businesses running smoothly and the profits rolling in.

Don’t worry all the friends you’ve made along the way will be there to help. By completing substories and friendships around kamurocho your new friends will show up at your office to join your team and help you out.

Assign your managers, security, and advisors in key positions to help drive profits higher than ever before. Having the right person in the right position is a great way to make sure they stay out of trouble but also great for your bottom line!