Long time Yakuza fans may remember DragonofDojima17. This guy was instrumental in bringing Yakuza 3 to the west. Campaigning to Sega for a long time before we got anything.

He was well known on the forums and in Yakuza fan communities and even got interviewed on Sega’s official blog! For being the most tenacious fan and supporter of Yakuza in the west. 

He was more than a little disheartened when Yakuza 3 was released with all of its cuts but after Yakuza 4/Dead Souls making their way out over here he’s back to campaign for Yakuza 5 claiming it to be the “best game in the series”. Bold statement that is shared by a lot of the fans that have played the Japanese version.

How can you get involved with his campaign? If you’re a YouTuber create a video response and add tags “yakuza, sega, gaming, bringyakuzawest”.

Basically get talking about it!