Imran Khan, Kinda Funny cohost, & former editor of Game Informer, over on the Kinda Funny Games Daily show today discussed Microsoft seemingly getting timed exclusivity for Yakuza: Like a Dragon on Xbox Series X. According to Imran Microsoft is footing the bill in terms of marketing the Yakuza series in exchange for an extra few months exclusivity on their next gen platform. Releasing November 10th on every console except Playstation 5, which has now been announced to be launching March 2nd 2021, leaving a gaping 4 months between releases.

As of now there is no confirmation that any kind of exclusivity deal has happened and neither company is confirming it. It’s possible the PS5 version was simply not ready or that Xbox hardware is simply easier to develop for (a big possibility given then similar architecture between gens and smart delivery structure). The Xbox version will have cross compatible saves using smart delivery where as the PS5 version you will need to start the game again.

While Imran’s comments cannot be confirmed it certainly feels strange having the best version of the game being delayed on Sony’s console even if it is just a few months.