There’s a monster roaming the streets and he’s coming for you.. or more specifically he’s coming for your money. Mr. Shakedown is a force of nature. This roided out gym junkie wanders the streets waiting to jump you and make off with all your cash.

If you do get caught in his path or decide to pick a fight with him (in the early game my suggestions is RUN) he’s going to be tougher than anyone you’ve faced so far. With his unshakable poise and overwhelming power expect Mr. Shakedown to make short work of the unprepared in about 2 punches or less.

If you do take him on (and lose) he’ll make off with all of your hard earned cash. Sending you back to the poor house in the blink of an eye you’ll be left with NOTHING. The more you have just sitting there unspent the more likely he is to find you. The man has a sixth sense just for money.

If you can get the best of him though expect to reap the rewards. Mr. Shakedown is LOADED and for the brave who decide to challenge him you’ll reap the rewards.

Tips for a Mr. Shakedown Takedown

  • Bring lots of healing items and prepare for a fight harder than most of the bosses. Especially in the early game.
  • Spend as much cash as you can before taking him on.
  • If you get knocked to the floor mash the options button and heal because you won’t survive what’s coming next.
  • Mr. Shakedown lives a hard life and at times you might find him using the streets as a bed. Are you brave enough to get close and get some payback?