It’ sbeen rumoured for a while now that Nagoshi, ex CCO of SEGA and creator of the Yakuza series, was being poached by Chinese publisher NetEase. Since Nagoshi left SEGA a few months ago nothing has really been heard from the creator or the other members of his team that left along side him including Daisuke Sato, until today. NetEase has just announced a new studio formed of ex Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio employees Nagoshi Studio Inc.

Nagoshi-san will be leading the studio as Representative Director and CEO. developing new games and IP’s in Tokyo, Japan.

Creating Entertainment filled with DREAMS and EXCITEMENT

Nagoshi Studio Inc. enjoys full authority to manage and create the kinds of games that they are passionate about, with NetEase Games’ support.

There have been sweeping changes made to how content is produced in the entertainment industry, in terms of how it’s made and the business model that supports it. These changes are happening at a greater speed, thanks to the advances in technology and infrastructure. However, NetEase Games and Nagoshi Studio both believe that what people want from entertainment hasn’t changed one bit. People see their dreams in entertainment; they look to it to give them hope in their everyday life, to soothe them in difficult times, and to add excitement in happy times. People look to entertainment to provide the spark for all kinds of events in their life.

Aiming to create quality titles and deliver the essence of entertainment with strong motivation to reach the whole world, Nagoshi Studio Inc. shares the same commitment with NetEase Games to “Unleash the Potential of Creators” in an open and inclusive environment, hoping to reach and touch passionate gamers around the globe with high-quality and engaging content.

For more information about Nagoshi Studio Inc., including available jobs, please visit:

About Nagoshi Studio Inc.

Nagoshi Studio Inc. is a game software development company and wholly owned subsidiary of NetEase Games. It develops high-end titles for worldwide release, with a primary focus on the console software business.

No word on what they will be working on just yet but it’s exciting to see these legendary creators given a clean slate to work on something new.