Dance Battle

Haruka competes in dance battles as part of her training for Princess League. There are dancers waiting for an opponent to compete with in various places around Soutenbori, to whom you can issue a dance battle challenge by talking to them. Each dancer has their own genre speciality. The genres of music are hip-Hop, house, idol, jazz and rock.

“Dance Battle” System

This is a rhythm game in which you are required to time button presses with the corresponding buttons that stream along the four frames arranged on the screen (Above, Below, Left, Right). The frames can be moved freely by the player and you get a successful input when the selected frame and button timing match up, which directly brings out a flashy action from the character. There is a “Judging” component which reflects the audience appraisal of the dancer. Judging is determined by the content of the dance and a dancer who receives negative appraisal will feel great pressure and lose health. When all health is lost, you cannot continue the dance battle and are defeated.

Turn the tables with “Dance Heat”

Heat actions can be used in Haruka’s dance battles, featuring both showy and cute techniques. Like with the other characters, when the heat gauge reaches a certain amount, you can use a heat technique at any time you like. You can select which dance heat actions Haruka can use before a battle. They exhibit great effectiveness that can completely turn things around for you when in an unfavourable situation.

Improving “Power of Expression”

When she wins a dance battle, one of Haruka’s “Power of Expression” idol abilities can be improved. “Power of Expression” is essential for victory in the Princess League.

– Captain Epic