Check out these screenshots of some new locations for Yakuza 6! This week, Famitsu featured an article showcasing some of the new locations, and their key features, in never before visited Hiroshima. Thanks again to Chelsea for these amazing (and quick!) translations and pictures!

Also some minor translations for the voice actor videos told us that Majima is now in prison for unspecified reasons and Akiyama shows up homeless again, which is supposedly shocking, although we don’t know if it’s current or if it’s just a sort of revisiting of the past thing. Date’s voice actor also said that the ending will make us think that Date (who is out west investigating the Haruka thing when some big incident occurs) is a hugely important person to Kiryu and a really important partner..

Take that as you will but it sure sounds like someone’s not making it through Yakuza 6!

Central District:

The central area of town, containing a variety of shops and government offices. The old-style shopping arcade evokes feelings of nostalgia in those who see it.

Southern area:

The area that faces the sea contains the arcade and snack bar districts. Some of the shops are closed off with shutters and the area seems run-down, but it manages to function as the base of the locals’ daily lives.

Snack bar district:

The snack bar district, seen in the evening, contains a hodgepodge of homes and a variety of establishments such as snack bars. At night, some of the shop lights are lit, with regular patrons of the area coming and going freely.

Northern area:

To the northern side of the railway tracks is a hilly road surrounded by clusters of houses. There is also a boarding point for the cable car here which links up with Senkoji, standing at the top of the mountain.

Northern townscape:

Houses are tightly crowded around the slope leading up to the mountain, showing a more populated side than the southern area. It is almost like a labyrinth made of stone walls and paving.

Trains running through the centre of town:

A railway line runs through the centre of Jingaicho, Onomichi, dividing the town into north and south and giving it a richly rural feeling. It also appears as though you will be able to witness trains passing by for the first time in the Ryu ga Gotoku series.

Cable car boarding point:

Using Mt. Senkoji’s cable car, you can make it to the mountain’s summit in no time at all. From the viewing platform at the top, you can gaze out over the picturesque scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.


Senkoji is a famous temple, and one of the most famous in the Chugoku region. Primarily devoted to the worship of the thousand-armed Kannon (Avalokiteshvara), it is a temple with a rich history that is said to have been established in 806 AD.

Mountain Top viewing platform:

A viewing platform that is right in front of you after disembarking from the cable car. The game’s protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, and “Snack Kiyomi”’s owner, Kiyomi Kasahara, are having a serious-looking conversation.