Hot off the Famitsu presses here’s an even deeper look at the new playspots in Yakuza 6!

Thanks to super fan Chelsea for the quick translation this weeks famitsu gives us a closer look at the new and redone play spots. The changes to the Kareoke were a long time coming and the touchpad being used for baseball is definitely something to get used to!

The cam girls chat seems appropriately weird although I’m not sure why you would go to a net cafe for this.. especially since they gave Kiryu a smart phone! [On a side note I actually visited the website they used (for research!) and I’ve gotta say most of the girls actually on the site have better production values than the fake scenes in the preview images! Someone get those girls a light!]

Before we get into the nitty gritty details here’s a quick word from Development Director Hiroyuki Sakamoto on the new playspots:

Development director Hiroyuki Sakamoto speaks:
The development objective of RGG6’s play spots

We’ve redone the controls and production of all of our regular play spots, such as hostess clubs and karaoke, and they have been reborn anew. I’m sure people who have played the series in the past will be surprised by their evolution. For the new play spots, we chose things with the most content and excitement in the series; we have games like VF5FS and Puyo Puyo, which you can play forever, plus sexy play spots like live chats. We also have plenty of serious simulation and relaxing elements as well, so look forward to a future follow-up!

See all the new playspots after the jump!

Live Chat

“What are live chats?”
This is the name for a kind of chat in which you talk while watching video shown from a PC and webcam. Using DMM Live Chat, which is featured in the game, choosing one of the sexy girls displayed on the website will allow you to participate in a chat with her and several other men. If you can use the conversation to get the girls excited, they might show you their super sexy side!?

Whether or not you can send an appropriate reply depends on your ability to quickly and accurately press the buttons that appear on the screen!

Chat Log for Pic Above:

Gentleman: You are sexy.
Kiryu: You’re sexy
Ojisan: Hold me!
Anri: Really? I’m so happy
Anri: I get told a lot that I’m kind of grown up…
Babas: You’re really adulty!
Babas: I’m getting so hot!
Kiryu: You’re irresistible
Anri: Oh yeahhh?
Anri: How about we have some fun today, then?
Solo Troupe: YES! YES!
Solo Troupe: I’m getting so excited!
Solo Troupe: waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Kiryu: Great!

If you use conversation to fill up the bar in the centre of the screen, the girl will “get in the mood”!

Hostess Clubs

“Topic cards” are, as the name suggests, cards showing the details of conversations Kiryu can spark with the hostesses. Each one has its own icon to represent it, and selecting a card will let you have a conversation based on that theme with the hostesses. If you repeatedly select the same icon and achieve “hit”s, her excitement gauge will rise more easily. Aside from topic cards, there are also food and drink cards. When you’re stuck for what to talk about, it might be important to use these carefully!

If you increase your familiarity level with them to the max, you will be able to see a cutscene full of realism so high that you can almost feel her breathing.


A familiar rhythm action game. There is an abundance of songs that will make you feel things like the atmosphere of the new setting, Onomichi’s Jingaicho. There is a newly added mode, “super passionate” mode, which will help you in getting your score up.


The controls for darts have been refined in RGG6, increasing the realism even further. There are three different modes you can play: 01, count-up and cricket. Aside from being able to go on dates there with hostesses, you can also challenge the regular patrons of each establishment.


Though the place’s name has changed from Orchid Palace to Lullaby, the series’ familiar mahjong is alive and well. This is another handy play spot for when you’re trying to earn money.

Virtua Fighter V

It has been decided that 3D fighting game Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown will be included in RGG6. Players will be glad to hear that the 2P versus mode has been preserved!

Sega retro arcade games

OutRun | Super HangOn | Space Harrier | Fantasy Zone

These are four of Sega’s former arcade titles, released in arcades from the mid to late 1980s, which had a tight grip on the hearts of gaming fans nationwide. These games were first adopted as play spots in Ryu ga Gotoku 0: Chikai no Basho, and will also be kept in RGG6. Unlike in Ryu ga Gotoku 0, all four games will be available at Kamurocho’s Club Sega Theatre Square, relieving the stress it takes to travel between establishments. Fans of old games may not be leaving Club Sega Theatre Square for quite some time!?

Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo, known as as staple of falling puzzle games, makes its debut in the Ryu ga Gotoku series. You may, of course, play it either alone or against somebody else. As long as you have controllers, you can have heated battles with your friends in trying to make the familiar Puyo Puyo chains.

Batting Centre

The series’ familiar batting centre has been refined, too, allowing you to bat using the touch pad. Move the cursor into the strike zone and release your finger to take a swing. You may, of course, also use the traditional control scheme.