• The answer to the famous question of how Sakamoto Ryoma dies will be revealed in this game.
  • You’ll play in Tosa during the prologue, but the majority of the game is set in Kyoto.
  • Kyoto is completely remade and not pulled from Yakuza: Kenzan.
  • Kyoto’s cityscape will appear similar to modern day Kyoto.
  • Some people will be wearing western clothes, and there will be actual foreigners, too.
  • The focus is on making the game more JRPG-fun than any other. Series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi wants to bring the type of RPG he finds personally enjoyable back to Japan, so this is a chance to take on that challenge. They’re putting in a lot of RPG elements, like strengthening yourself in town and upgrading your weapons.
  • You’ll use a gun and sword in combat. There are a variety of types.
  • The battle system aims to be the deepest and most exhilarating in the series.
  • The game will be balanced so you can’t proceed easily unless you level up both yourself and your weapons.
  • The genre is action adventure to the end.
  • It promises to be the most intense production in Yakuza series history.
  • You will never hear the name Kazuma Kiryu. There are no tattoos on the back of the two characters he plays.
  • The max level is 99. There are an unthinkable number of weapons.
  • Taiga Saejima will play Nagakura Shinpachi.

via Game Jouhou and Gametsu