Late last night a 2 hour sponsored stream with twitch streamer xQc was quietly announced via the official RGG Studio X account. Sparking instant backlash and criticism from basically everyone from fans to ex SEGA employees stating “He’s the antithesis of what the series represents.” xQc is known beyond his streams for his gambling promotion and addiction as well as his controversial opinions.

Setting up to the game xQc told his chat he “has something to get out of the way” before moving on to more GTA Online RP and booted up Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. At first things were going well despite the chat calling for him to skip the cutscenes but when the gameplay started and xQc seemed to be confused that the game itself was turn based. Continuing on from there he checked out some mahjong and the SEGA arcade but overall it was a pretty uneventful stream. Achieving over 328,622 views with the streamer saying he enjoyed his time with it.

The story continued on social media platforms with over 750 (and counting) replies and 1.3k quotes calling this a bad idea with some even ex staff calling out the streamer for being an unfit representative for the series.

Typically decisions like this aren’t the fault of the studio itself and for a long time SEGA have been working with 3rd party marketing firms to help spread the word through content creators especially as the series has grown in popularity so much over the years.