You thought this was over just because the demo is out?! Hell no!

Famitsu Wednesday is back with new characters, a full size map of Kamurocho (that we’ve got fully translated!) an interview with Nagoshi and even some tips to help you out at Rizap!

I suggest reading the interview and really thinking about what it means to be Kiryu’s last game. No spoilers in it specifically but it’s some heavy stuff!

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Crazy characters that appear in RGG6!

The game may have an extravagant cast, but there are also enemy character who leave just as fierce of an impact. Here, we will reveal these characters that will leave a strong impression on the player! These are all enemies who appear within the main story. However, they are not characters who are at the core of that story. Even still, in a way it’s Ryu ga Gotoku-like that they show off their own personalities, and you could say that this is allowed specifically because the main cast has such a powerful presence. Pay attention to what kinds of scenes they appear in!

A chef inside a Chinese restaurant that Kiryu infiltrates. You will surely end up being forced to fight him.
It seems as though bath battles, which are for some reason a fixture of the series, appear in this game as well.
A man who has been imprisoned inside a facility within Kamurocho. From his appearance, you can understand his being shut away. Reason no longer exists within him, and he attacks Kiryu based on his fighting instincts alone!
A Map of Kamurocho

Switching to the PlayStation 4 to let people experience a new sensation

―RGG6 will soon be released. First of all, I’d like to hear your current honest thoughts, and also why this is the final chapter.

Nagoshi: Each year, I’m glad when we manage to reach release. We’ve kept the series going for a long time now, and what I’ve always focused on is that the drama begins in that year for each numbered title. This means that the characters that appear in the games age in real time. Even Haruka, who started as a 9-year-old, is nearly an adult. Just like how Kiryu has aged, or perhaps even moreso, the fact that Haruka is no longer a child had a big influence on my decision to make this game the final chapter.

―I see. She truly has grown since RGG1.

Nagoshi: The kind of drama that can occur with Haruka being an adult was featured in RGG5, too. Even back then, though, I had a feeling that we could make a drama that was one step further ahead. The result of that led to Haruto’s birth in this game. Of course, if Haruka had a baby then her relationship with Kiryu would also have to change. There’s no way Haruka and Kiryu could maintain the same relationship even though she has a child, after all. I thought, then, that this would be a good place to bring the story to a close.

―That does make sense, but the fans’ reactions have been… mixed.

Nagoshi: It’s exactly what I had expected, though. There have been some fairly harsh reactions, too. People have said things like, “You don’t get it at all!” or, “Haruka isn’t the kind of woman to sleep with a guy because of self-loathing and loneliness!” (wry smile). But being scolded means that people really love Haruka that much, so it makes me happy. There’s love behind the words. I think one of the joys of being a creator is being able to see the affection in such relentless opinions.

―By the way, RGG6 is the first PlayStation 4 exclusive game in the series. Could you tell us about the biggest factor that led to this happening?

Nagoshi: The biggest factor was that I wanted everyone who played it to think, “This game has changed!” In order to make them feel that, I thought that we’d need to redo the action and battles from the ground up. If we didn’t, the feeling wouldn’t change. We required incredible machine specs to redo the battle system from scratch, though, and it would’ve been completely impossible on the PlayStation 3. To put it bluntly, the graphics looking prettier is a secondary by-product of that. The thing I was most focused on when development began was a sensation of newness.

―So that’s how it came to be…

Nagoshi: And at the current point in time, the staff are starting to think about things we can evolve even further. I think that will turn into the next form Ryu ga Gotoku takes. This means that I want everyone to think of the question of “what happens to the Ryu ga Gotoku series after this?” as completely separate from the fact that Kiryu’s drama comes to an end here. Completely making the move to the PlayStation 4 means that Ryu ga Gotoku is taking a brand new step as a game.

RGG6 is like a culmination of the Ryu ga Gotoku series

―Both the cast and the musical tie-ups for this game are more extravagant than ever before. Was this largely because this is a turning point and a culmination?

Nagoshi: Beat Takeshi and Tatsuro Yamashita were both people I one day wanted to have perform and contribute songs. I never dreamt that they would end up in the same game, though (laughs). Everyone’s schedules matched up this time, and made things quite luxurious as a result.

―It feels almost like fate (laughs).

Nagoshi: Right. We also have to think of it as a continuous product as a company, but each game happens only once. All we can do is the very best we can do right now and build it up, and that building up has led to this game. In a way, this game is the culmination of Ryu ga Gotoku. With this culmination, I think we’ve managed to achieve the future I imagined 11 years ago.

―Could you please give us a message for the fans who are about to play the game?

Nagoshi: I’ve been indebted to Kazuma Kiryu all this time, which is why I had to think for a long time about how his story would end. One of the conclusions of that was put into RGG6. There will probably be people who agree with that conclusion, and there will probably be people who say, “Why!?” But what we’ve done is create Kiryu’s end with our utmost love. I know you all have feelings towards each character, and towards Ryu ga Gotoku itself. First, though, see through the conclusion we’ve come to. I’m confident that you’ll say, “Kazuma Kiryu’s story was a good story,” or, “Ryu ga Gotoku was a good story.”

―I look forward to playing the ending of the story! Thank you.

Going For Completion?

Here’s some tips to help you get that 100%!

Note: (Hara Heeru drinks make you hungry/drain your stomach gauge so you can eat more)


Homerun Course prizes

S: Toughness Z | A: Pocket tissue
S: Staminan X | A: Toughness Z
S: Copper plate | A: Staminan X
S: Toughness Infinity | A: Copper plate

Challenge Course prizes

1: Toughness Z 2: Staminan X 3: Tauriner
1: Toughness ZZ 2: Staminan XX 3: Hara Heeru Half
1: Tauriner + 2: Hara Heeru RX 3: Copper plate
1: Tauriner ++ 2: Staminan Royale 3: Silver plate


Bench Press
High muscle, mid guts
Mash L1 + R1 and succeed 6+ times for S rank

High guts, mid muscle
Stop the bar right as it’s in the middle of the target zone, get 7+ greats for S

Dead Lift
High muscle, mid agility
Mash circle, succeed 4+ times for S rank

Squat Jump
High agility, mid guts
Press the right button when it’s surrounded fully by the circle, get 10+ greats for S rank

Lat Pulldown
High guts, mid agility
Press the buttons at the right time, gets harder with each success, get 11 greats for a guaranteed S

Seated Rowing
High agility, mid muscle
Hold R1 and release the button at the right time, 9+ greats for S rank, easiest of all of the training options