Welcome back to your weekly dose of Yakuza 6 news right from Famitsu and our lovely super fan Chelsea! This week we take a look at some of the supporting cast that will likely be making trouble for Kiryu as he searches for Haruka.

Takaaki Matsunaga (voice: Dronz Ishimoto)

Member of the Hirose Family, affiliate of the Masuzoe Family, part of the Yomei Alliance

A member of the Hirose Family, a humble yakuza organisation from Jingaicho, Onomichi, led by Toru Hirose. Despite his stern appearance, he goes through life at his own pace. Although a senior within the family, his occasional thoughtless, out-of-place remarks stun his underlings, Yuta Usami and Naoto Tagashira.

Naoto Tagashira (voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

Member of the Hirose Family, affiliate of the Masuzoe Family, part of the Yomei Alliance

Like Takaaki MAtsunaga, he is a low-ranking member of the Hirose Family, affiliate of the Masuzoe Family, part of the Yomei Alliance. He and the rest of the family spend their days relaxing in Onomichi, Hiroshima in an un-yakuza-like way. He is as much of a big-hearted man as his appearance would suggest, but is also surprisingly sensible and knowledgeable, meaning that the Hirose Family members rely on him constantly. What kind of relationship will he have with Kiryu when he visits Jingaicho?

Kazuaki Iino (voice: Nobuyuki Hiyama)

A resident of Jingaicho, Onomichi, Hiroshima

A man who was born and raised in Jingaicho, Onomichi. He and Tsuyoshi Nagumo, underboss of the Hirose Family, have been stuck with each other for as long as either can remember. They both have feelings for Kiyomi Kasahara, the town’s Madonna, making them partners in crime and love rivals all at once, but it doesn’t seem as though Kiyomi herself is interested in either of the pair.

Katsumi Sugai (voice: Ryusei Nakao)

Boss of the Tojo Clan-affiliated Sugai Family and Tojo Clan adviser

The man who rules the Sugai Family, affiliate of the Tojo Clan, the largest yakuza organisation in eastern Japan. Despite being in service since the time of the second chairman he has not made much of a mark, these days simply serving as an adviser to Daigo Dojima’s sixth generation set-up in name alone. However, he seems to have been somehow involved in the blaze at Little Asia that allowed foreign powers to make their move on Kamurocho, and is a vigilant man.

Heizo Iwami (voice: Masane Tsukayama)

President of shipbuilding company Iwami Shipbuilding

A shrewd man who built a global shipbuilding company, based in Onomichi, Hiroshima, from the ground up. Given this career history he would seem to be quite old, but he is an elderly gentleman whose dignity does not betray his age. Despite having relinquished control of Iwami Shipbuilding to his son, Tsuneo, his presence is still felt, and it is said that he even has a measure of influence over the country’s politics.

Kanji Koshimizu (voice: Ayumi Tanida)

Underboss of the Yomei Association

The man who is viewed as the successor to the Yomei Alliance, rivalling the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance in terms of prestige. It is rumoured that rather than the chairman, it is he who holds the true power over the current Yomei Alliance. He is intelligent and tolerant enough to have risen to underboss, but at heart he is a brawler who craves to engage in life-or-death combat with strong men.

Koji Masuzoe (voice: Wataru Takagi)

Boss of the Yomei Alliance-affiliated Masuzoe Family

With his yakuza-like, stern appearance and violent behaviour befitting it, he is feared not only by civilians but also by his own men. He keeps a watchful eye over the Hirose Family’s movements, an organisation that is indifferent to bringing in cash, and it is surely only a matter of time until this erupts into some kind of trouble.

Big Rou (voice: Junpei Morita)

Saiokai leader

The leader of the Saiokai (祭汪会), part of the Chinese mafia. Following the blaze within Little Asia, an area of the town so called due to its large population of Asians, he begins a full-scale advance on Kamurocho. Always appearing grim, he is a chief who uses his overwhelming power to bring the organisation together.

Han Jungi (voice: Yuichi Nakamura)

Leader of the Jingweon

The current leader of the Jingweon, a faction of the Korean mafia that was previously driven to the verge of extinction by Kazuma Kiryu. He has a hand in Kamurocho’s sex industry, and the group’s influence is expanding rapidly. Using his stylish appearance, he himself is the constant subject of women’s attention each night as the owner of a host club. His behaviour is smart, but pulling back the curtain reveals a terrible cruel streak.