Just days before the launch of Yakuza 6 Playstation Korea has posted a short message on the official blog announcing that the game has been cancelled “due to the nature of the content“. Given that the Korean mafia are a part of Yakuza 6’s story it’s likely the reason for the games unexpected cancellation especially this close to release.

With the time and effort put in by SEGA to announce and localize the game and with the previous entries in the series selling particularly well in Korea it’s shocking they would need to cancel it so close to the release date. Nagoshi actually went so far as to announce the Korean version of 6 on stage during a Korean RGG 10th anniversary event alongside the Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea Vice President! He even helped hand pick Korean actors to portray key characters. The RGG6 Beta also made its way to the Korean PSN earlier this year!

Such a shame for Korea and the series as a whole in the Asian market.

[via Playstation Blog Korea]