Finally playing catch up with last week’s SEGA Raw with Nagoshi! Now I know some of you expected a full Yakuza 7 reveal and sitting through a nearly 2 hour stream with nothing to show for it was a little disappointing we didn’t leave completely empty handed!

Thanks to friend of the site Kamurocho Hadoken for sticking out the entire stream and catching the below info drops as small as they are.

According to Nagoshi we will be seeing something new Yakuza related this year but no word on what just yet.

The other reveal was a specific keyword the team is focusing on while creating the next Ryu Ga Gotoku game; “Chinpira (チンピラ)“.

For those not familiar with the development process when a new Yakuza title is in the works the team puts together a list of key terms they want to try to hit with the story/gameplay and build the structure from there. For example one of Yakuza 6’s keywords was “A new Yakuza” which led to the construction of the Dragon Engine and gameplay changes from previous titles. With the keyword “Chinpira” we might be getting a look at the next protagonist or even the plot of the game!

A Chinpira is basically a young yakuza in training. Usually depicted as a hot headed street punk they’re the lowest rung of the Yakuza organization out to make a name for themselves or pick fights to prove themselves. Basically your average street punk much like Tatsuya Ukyou from the Ryu Ga Gotoku PSP titles. Very excited to see where nagoshi and his team take the new game!