From Japanese website Nikkan Gendai there’s a rumor going around right now that TV Asahi is in talks with Takuya Kimura, Takayuki Yagami in the Judgment series, to produce a live action Drama based on Lost Judgment. Originally he was asked to do a 3rd season of his drama BG Personal Bodyguard but after he rejected the proposal in favor of something new Asahi decided to adapt SEGA’s crime drama and the actor seems to be on board for at least 1 season and a movie!

The tentative title right now is 裁かれざるもの (lit: Things that cannot be judged) and no release date or confirmation that it even exists has been announced as of this post.

“At the request of the director of a prestigious high school where a suicide suffered from bullying, Kimura sneaks into a high school impersonating a coach of the boxing club. Eventually, this bullying case will be involved in the bribery of politicians and yakuza, and it will develop into a big case that shakes the country. At the same time, it seems that a movie adaptation plan is also envisioned. “

From the general description it sounds like we’re starting at the plot for Lost Judgment which is understandable to introduce a younger cast, especially given the popularity of shows like GTO which Lost Judgment seems to be heavily inspired by.