Sony’s Playstation 4 just launched and one of the new features is the rarity rating for trophies that not only list previous generations assign a percentage collected and a rarity rating. I managed to pick one up and decided to dive in.

After checking through all current gen PS3 Yakuza titles you can watch the people who stop playing drop with every chapter! Remember these ratings are for the NTSC and PAL region games as the Japanese versions are listed as Ryu Ga Gotoku and have a trophy list separate to the English versions.

Another thing to remember; these are just trophy’s anyone who beat the game while not connected to the PSN was not included so the results may be skewed.

Yakuza 3

Surprisingly, 26% of people who picked up Yakuza 3 reached the ending! Making this, based on percentages, the most completed Yakuza game of the next gen systems!

Of course only 1.6% of people who played it completed all the substories.

Yakuza 4

While 42% of people who tried the game got past Part 1 we watch it drop by about 10% and then keep going every chapter until only 21% of people actually beat it!

We had better luck with players completing all the substories this time though, they were harder to miss with 8.2% of all players completing them all but then only 3.6% go on to beat Amon! You guys were right there! To top it off only 11.3% of people beat the game without switching to easy!

Yakuza: Dead Souls

Lastly we’ve got Dead Souls. Remember this is a percentage and an EXTREMELY niche title so there was likely far less people in this overall percentage and likely only the truly hardcore Yakuza Fans.

We start off pretty strong with 43.9% of people beating Akiyama’s part (which ironically was the worst part IMO, that cinema entrance is a massive time sink totally breaking the flow of quests) and we watch it drop every chapter until only 21% of people who started actually beat the game.

These are some pretty interesting numbers to get a glimpse of how many fans out there go all the way. While not wholly representative I enjoy seeing how the community reacts to a game and the new trophy rarity scale is a great idea.