Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 Poetry of Life. is finally up for preorder on Play-Asia with Ebten SEGA DX Pack that includes the shot glasses, plate, and soundtrack! If you’re gonna grab Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 at launch make sure you do through our links below so we get a kickback to keep the lights on around here!

Here’s the 3 different versions up for preorder:


Contains game only


Game | Plate | Shot Glasses


Game | Plate | Shot Glasses | Karaoke CD

For any curious as to what songs are on the included album here’s a translated track list!

  1. Honjitsu wa Diamond [Full Spec Edition]
  2. Hands [Full Spec Edition]
  3. Like a Butterfly [Full Spec Edition] (Kiryu feat. Saki & Riona)
  4. Bran-New Stage [Full Spec Edition] (Hikaru & Erina with Kiryu)
  5. Y-ji Road [Full Spec Edition] (Sora with Kiryu)
  6. Tonight -restart from this night- [Full Spec Edition]
  7. Baka Mitai -Aishu- [Full Spec Edition]
  8. Ijizakura 2000 [Full Spec Edition]
  9. Judgement -Shinpan- [Full Spec Edition]
  10. MachineGun Kiss [Full Spec Edition]
  11. Kamuro Junrenka [Special Duet Edition] (Kiryu & Hana)
  12. Baka Mitai [Taxi Driver Edition]
  13. Kamuro Setsugekka (Original Mix)
  14. Honjitsu wa Diamond (karaoke)
  15. Hands (karaoke)
  16. Like a Butterfly (karaoke)
  17. Bran-New Stage (karaoke)
  18. Y-ji Road (karaoke)

Purchase bonus: Rare item which gives you experience in all categories called Rainbow Manju.

(Thanks Chelsea for the translation!)