This weeks famitsu update we’re gonna learn about the story as told through keywords. Jingaicho has a lot of secrets so be ready to uncover them. We also get to take a look at a new mission type that is sure to excite some players!

We also finally get a closer look at Michio Ono Jingaicho’s new mascot character that needs Kiryu’s help to restore the local shopping district.

Thanks as always to Chelsea for getting these over too us hot off the famitsu presses!

Understanding RGG6’s story through keywords

We have selected some keywords from the information that has already been released which will surely be important in enjoying the story of RGG6. On this page, we have put them together into a correlation chart. If you look at the chart, you will be able to get a general grasp of everything you need to know to understand the story!

Keyword: Haruka’s disappearance

In order to atone for the incident that occurred in RGG5, Kiryu goes to prison. During this time, Haruka lives at the Sunshine orphanage. However, the media refuse to leave Haruka, a former idol, alone.

Realising that her presence is having a negative influence on Sunshine, Haruka vanishes.

Public attention and slander affect not only Haruka, but the children of Sunshine, too.

Keyword: Haruto Sawamura

Upon being released from prison, Kiryu learns of Haruka’s disappearance at Sunshine. In order to find her, he heads for Kamurocho on the tip of an old friend. However, what he learns there is that Haruka has been involved in a traffic accident and is critically injured and comatose.

What is even more surprising is that she has given birth to a baby. The baby’s name is Haruto Sawamura. Haruka risked her life in the face of a runaway car to protect this tiny life.

In order to find his father, Kiryu heads for Onomichi Jingaicho.

Keyword: Onomichi Jingaicho

Onomichi Jingaicho is a picturesque port town surrounded by sea and mountains. Haruka’s reason for being here is shrouded in mystery.

Kiyomi Kasahara – Like the Madonna of Onomichi Jingaicho. It seems like she works with Kiryu, an outsider, when he visits Onomichi.

While she is missing, it is discovered that Haruka has been in the port town of Onomichi Jingaicho. This town, controlled by the self-reliant Yomei Association, is untrodden ground to Kiryu. All on his own, he heats into town with Haruto, his only clue. What awaits him there are residents who are hiding something.

Keyword: Little Asia fire

A fire which reduces Kamurocho’s Little Asia district to ashes. As a result, foreign powers such as the Saio Clan and Jingweon surge in, the balance of power in the underworld beginning to crumble. It appears as though the Tojo Clan’s advisor, Katsumi Sugai, is somehow involved in the fire, but his true intentions are unclear.

This blaze causes massive changes to Little Asia’s appearance.

Keyword: Tojo Clan

The most powerful underground organisation in eastern Japan, which controls Kamurocho. Prior to and following the Little Asia fire, the sixth chairman, Daigo Dojima, and executives Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima are sent to prison, and the true power is held by Katsumi Saigai, serving as advisor and proxy chairman, and up-and-coming fighter Takumi Someya. Currently, the war between them and the foreign powers inundating Kamurocho is intensifying, their control over Kamurocho weakened.

Takumi Someya – Amidst the intensifying conflict, Someya keeps tabs on Kiryu’s movements. What could he be up to…?

Keyword: Saio Clan

Starting with the blaze in Little Asia, this Chinese mafia group began a large-scale invasion of Kamurocho. Its leader, Big Rou, also seems to be making moves on Kamurocho. According to the interview video with Junpei Morita on the official website, it seems as though Big Rou’s own son was killed by the Japanese yakuza…

Big Rou

Keyword: Yomei Association

A large underground organisation, behind only the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance in power. It controls the Hiroshima area, untouched by yakuza organisations from the east and west, but it is said that the situation of the criminal underground nationwide would change completely were it to join hands with the Tojo Clan or Omi Alliance. Onomichi Jingaicho, where the game is set, is also part of their turf.

Masuzoe Family affiliate:
Hirose Family

A small yakuza organisation that has its home in Onomichi Jingaicho. Headed by its boss, Hirose, its lieutenant is Nagumo, and below him are four members: Matsunaga, Tagashira and Usami. The organisation is at the very bottom of the Yomei Association, but its boss, Hirose, seems to be known as a long-serving yakuza in Hiroshima. Hirose is a slippery and aloof man, but also a popular one, which can be seen in the way that all of his men, including Nagumo, idolise him like a father. He apparently has a deep connection to Kiryu, who arrives in Hiroshima.

Toru Hirose
↑ A mysterious organisation attacks Kiryu and the Hirose Family. What are they after…?
→ The boss, Hirose. Perhaps because of the long years he has spent as a yakuza, his words have a significance to them.

Koshimizu Family

An organisation under the control of Kanji Koshimizu, viewed as the heir to the Yomei Association. Koshimizu exercises his shrewdness as lieutenant of the Yomi Alliance, possessing both a sound mind and suitable amount of strength. According to some, he already holds the true power in the Yomei Alliance.

Kanji Koshimizu

Masuzoe Family

A yakuza organisation which counts the Hirose Family amongst its ranks, with Koji Masuzoe as its boss. Masuzoe is a prototypical yakuza who stands out for his violent behaviour. Their spats with the Hirose Family over bringing in cash are never-ending, and it’s said that one day they will lead to real trouble.

Koji Masuzoe

Keyword: Iwami Shipbuilding

Tsuneo Iwami

A young Heizo Iwami and Toru Hirose. The pair seem to be closely connected by something relating to Onomichi Jingaicho.

A global shipbuilding corporation based in Onomichi Jingaicho. Now part of a huge conglomerate, most of Onomichi Jingaicho’s residents work under it. Because of this, the town needs Iwami Shipbuilding to survive. Heizo Iwami’s son, Tsuneo, is the current president, taking control of business affairs.

Keyword: Onomichi’s secret

In RGG6’s long trailer, these words are spoken by Heizo Iwami, president of Iwami Shipbuilding. It seems as though there is a huge secret hidden in Onomichi, but its unclear just what it refers to. Will Onomichi’s secret be revealed as Kiryu explores it?

Heizo Iwami

Showing off an unexpected side of Kiryu!? RGG6’s substories

Substories, where you can enjoy short stories that have nothing to do with the main story, are another symbol of the Ryu ga Gotoku series. Below, we will give you an early look at two of the game’s substories!

Kiryu’s kabe-don

A substory which occurs in Kamurocho. Passing through a back alley, Kiryu chances upon a lone man surrounded by a group of street punks. Kiryu chases away the awful punks, who intend to gang up on the defenceless man and beat him to a pulp, and the man says that he will treat him to a drink as thanks. The man’s name is Takayama. It turns out that he is a famous actor whose pseudonym is “the prince of kabe-don”. Kiryu, however, doesn’t have the slightest idea what “kabe-don” means. Takayama decides that he will instruct Kiryu himself in the secret art of kabe-don. After mastering the kabe-don, Kiryu immediately tries it out, but…!

Regardless of whether or not he’s actually full of himself, if you saw a man calling himself the “prince of kabe-don”, perhaps you might understand why the punks would get into a fight with him!? Even still, it’s not like you can just walk away…

As he demonstrates kabe-don, Takayama explains its secrets to Kiryu. He truly does look cool enough to be known as the “prince of kabe-don”. By watching him, Kiryu will surely learn his secret techniques in a flash!

Having only just learned how to kabe-don, Takayama has Kiryu try it out on a drinking buddy of his, a cross-dresser called Kamaishi! Having skilfully made Kamaishi’s heart tremble, Kiryu leaves the bar triumphantly, but then finds himself in even more trouble!!

Tips: Pay attention to trouble missions, too!

In the game, you can also enjoy short stories that are a bit different from substories. They are trouble missions. Kiryu will learn about a variety of incidents occurring around town from information posted on social networks and resolve them! The biggest difference from substories is that missions are accepted via SNS. If you leave the post alone, they will remain unresolved. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t clear them – if you wait for a while, the same incident will trigger again.

Many trouble missions have a time limit after accepting them. They’re in a pinch, after all!

Let’s Become a Local Mascot!

As Kiryu is walking through Onomichi Jingaicho, he is called out to by a producer named Hironaka. Hironaka suggests that Kiryu would be perfect to be “Michio Ono”, Onomichi’s mascot character, and offers him a job as an actor. Kiryu reluctantly puts on the Michio Ono costume and learns his signature phrase from Hironaka, and is then thrust into an event without preparation where he must interact with children. Upon taking to the stage as Michio Ono, the children fly into a huge excitement. Just as he thinks that the event has been a huge success, some punks barge in, the children’s smiles destroyed. Seeing this, Michio Ono… makes a stand!

This is Michio Ono’s signature pose, the “Micchy Pose”. Hironaka will also hammer a variety of other details about him into you. Kiryu, being a nice person, tries to master them all…

Kiryu… uh, Michio Ono… explodes with anger at the punks’ threats towards the children. In order to teach them a lesson, he enters battle still wearing his costume! Yuru chara Michio Ono will never back down in the face of evil!

Tips: Does Michio Ono really exist?

Michio Ono seems like a character who would really exist, but unfortunately, even if you go to the real Onomichi you won’t be able to see him. This is because Michio Ono is simply a yuru chara from RGG6’s Onomichi Jingaicho. Even still, all of Onomichi’s real-life specialties are condensed into Michio Ono’s appearance. If you end up going to Onomichi to do some sightseeing, you should make sure to enjoy the specialties he shows off, such as citrus fruits, Onomichi ramen and seafood.