Yimbocarimbo has put together a very comprehensive guide for people looking to play through Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 in Japanese! 


This is a massive undertaking and should get anyone through the game and give a good idea of what’s happening in the story!

Bravo Yimbocarimbo! Everyone go say thanks over at the Sega forums here or over on Gamefaqs forums here. Either way give him praise!

Here’s a list of what’s it it from Yimbocarimbo’s post on the Sega forums:


– All menus translated and link to relevant section details
– All cut scenes highlighted
– All gameplay choices transcribed and all the correct responses translated (except Hostess questions)
– All substories detailed
– All Another Drama sections highlighted with many detailed
– All Completion sections detailed
– All minigames detailed (except gambling)
– All Items listed and linked to in all other sections
– All items link to where to acquire
– All items have details on where they are used
– All items where they appear in previous Yakuza games have the same name as the most recent incarnation. I have used my own translations for new items.
– All abilities listed
– All characters listed and character details for playable and major characters
– All gameplay modes detailed.
– Most tables have column ordering
– All miscellaneous sections detailed (except Haruka’s Mithering which has the rewards detailed)
– All emails listed

Don’t forget the Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 Playstation The Best version comes out December 5 and now that we have a complete guide I fully recommend picking it up!