I’ve been looking around online and I’ve found out how to give feedback on RGG6 (feedback is the reason they’ve made this very early tech demo in the first place – they released a very early tech demo just to give us an idea of what to expect so that the fans can give feedback on it and the dev team will know what they need to work on).

I don’t know about you guys, but I want this game to be the best it can be – I want it to completely blow my mind when it comes out at the end of the year – so to those of you who have played this early demo, send your feedback to me (preferably via email – – since it will be easier for me to organise) and I will pass it on to SEGA Japan.

I can’t really give any feedback myself, since I haven’t played it (and sadly won’t for some time yet) so I’ll rely on you guys to get some feedback to me.

I will wait a little while before sending it off – perhaps a week or two – to give people time to get their feedback to me.

If you want RGG6 to be mindblowing, send me your thoughts on the game!


Signal Boost.

Reminder to anyone that submits feedback. Be kind, courteous, and above all respectful. Don’t just beg for a western release. This is specifically for improving Yakuza 6 based on the recently released demo.

Big thanks to @khhsubs for putting this together.