From Gematsu

Another Life

Live the quiet, country life at Ryoma Sakamoto’s secondary residence with the mysterious girl Haru in this game mode. Grow vegetables, raise pets, cook, and do otherr thins that you wouldn’t be able to do living the stressful life of the Shinsengummi. As your relationship with haru grows deeper, various special events may be unlocked.

  • Meeting Haru – Haru’s parents were killed in an accident and in order to repay their enormous debt it seems she must sell her precious home. For the sake of the poor girl lost on the road, Ryoma shoulders her debt and takes her into his secondary home where they live together. Set in the countryside, here starts Ryoma’s “other life.”
  • Growing Vegetables – You can grow a variety of vegetables in Ryoma’s garden. Take into consideration the many ways to grow plants in the field and find the best way to do it. Vegetables will take time to grow but using fertilizer and other items you can speed up the process.
  • Cooking – Use the vegetables you dig up and fish you catch to cook at Ryoma’s home. You can make food and then eat it on the spot, or pack a lunch box to carry with you. By cooking delicious food not only will you be able to recover health, but you’ll also find helpful status effects during battle.
  • Peddling – Use the vegetables you grow and the fish you catch to sell and deliver to customers and earn loans. Haru will take orders to the customers and when she returns she’ll give you the earnings. If you make rare vegetables and other foods, you can earn even more.
  • Pets – You can take home stray dogs and cats that you find in the town. You can give any name you want to your cats and dogs. If you feed them and pet them you’ll find them trying to communicate with you in their own way. You may even find some rare items if you get them in the right mood.

Cross Play

This time you can also play using PS Vita. Play the Battle Dungeon, Another Life and other mini-games incorporated in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions with Cross Play. If you have a PS Vita you can now play on the train or even while on a break: level up in the Battle Dungeon or grow things in Another Life.

  • Gambling Mini-Games – The mini-games available with Cross Play include poker, mahjong, shogi, and all games can be played online. No matter which console you use, player rankings will be available. Aim to be the best in the country and log in everyday for a new challenge.

Battle Style

Play with a battle style all your own and become the strongest person in the Bakumatsu era! Use your katana, pistol, fists, or a combination of these. With each style comes special moves.
There are also special weapons like the spear, long sword, and cannon. Other items you find in the street can be used in battle, as well.

Weapon Making

  • Further Evolved Weapons –Ishin‘s weapon making system has been upgraded. Make and upgrade weapons to your heart’s content. The weapons that appear in this game include not only the the pistol, katana, and armor, but also the spear, long sword, and cannon. Weapon synthesis is also possible with tens of thousands of patterns available. Weapon making and strengthening can be done at the blacksmith. You can collect the materials you need for producing weapons during battle.
  • Challenge Strong Enemies with your Rare Weapons – Improving your weapons will raise your attack power, raise your status, and endow you with abilities. Weapon improvement can be decided in mini-games and big success here can mean especially big ability upgrades.
  • The Blacksmith’s Level is the Key to Success – Materials needed for weapon upgrades can be found in a variety of ways: in sub-stories, battles, mini-games, and Another Life. And as you make upgrades, the blacksmith himself will also level up. This means you can make more weapons.

Battle Dungeon

  • The New Card Action Battle Mode – In this game Ryoma won’t only battle by himself, he’ll also battle together with Shinsengumi in new action dungeons. By carrying card representations of your soldier allies into dungeons, you can use their abilities in this new style of battle.
  • Build Your Own Unit – There are hoodlums you can meet in fights on the street who want to work under Ryoma in the Shinsengumi and who possess a great variety of abilities. Discover allies as you progress through the game and whether they are seasoned fighters, skilled in defense, or put stress on physical recovery. Then match them to your play style and build a unit that is uniquely yours. For those who are not good in battle, you can also use money to build your unit. If you do this well, even the strongest of enemies will fall before you. Among these soldier allies exist rare soldiers, as well. Scour the streets to find them.
  • Challenge the Battle Dungeon – Grow your rallied soldiers by fighting together. If you raise your favorite soldiers you will find loyal supporters in your midst. You can even use synthesis to level up your card allies. Collect many soldiers and strengthen your favorites.
  • Acquire Rare Items by Fighting Together – In the Battle Dungeon you can find rare items that are difficult to locate in town. These rare items can be used to strengthen Ryoma’s weapons, and can also be sold for a high price.

All of this sounds amazing! Let’s hope that now that Sega owns Atlus they’ll be more inclined to bring this one west!