We’ve reported on this before but now we’ve got cover art!

Those of you that want to get your hands on a compilation CD with most of Kiryu’s Karaoke songs the SEGA Ebten store has it up for preorder (I’m sure your favorite import site will have it up shortly).

This is the same CD that comes with the [DX PACK KIRYU BEST SET] so if you just want the game and CD separately you can do so.

Free code for in game Rainbow Manju.
+500pts to all of Kiryu’s stats!


  • Honjitsu wa Diamond [Full Spec Edition]
  • Hands [Full Spec Edition]
  • Like a Butterfly [Full Spec Edition] (Kiryu feat. Saki & Riona)
  • Bran-New Stage [Full Spec Edition] (Hikaru & Erina with Kiryu)
  • Y-ji Road [Full Spec Edition] (Sora with Kiryu)
  • Tonight -restart from this night- [Full Spec Edition]
  • Baka Mitai -Aishu- [Full Spec Edition]
  • Ijizakura 2000 [Full Spec Edition]
  • Judgement -Shinpan- [Full Spec Edition]
  • MachineGun Kiss [Full Spec Edition]
  • Kamuro Junrenka [Special Duet Edition] (Kiryu & Hana)
  • Baka Mitai [Taxi Driver Edition]
  • Kamuro Setsugekka (Original Mix)
  • Honjitsu wa Diamond (karaoke)
  • Hands (karaoke)
  • Like a Butterfly (karaoke)
  • Bran-New Stage (karaoke)
  • Y-ji Road (karaoke)