Finally the preorder bonus items for Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 have been revealed and as usual they’re a complete mess if you want to try and get them all! There’s pretty much a different set of preorder items for each retailer so let’s take a look at what you’ll get from where before you run out and just preorder from Play-Asia.

  • Kiwami 2 Playstation 4 Theme

  • Sega Mono Shop Limited Edition · Double Pins Collection


  • Steel book

Koshin Electric

  • Smart Phone Wallpaper


  • Majima Cleaning Cloth

Family Mart

  • Dual Badge Set


  • Majima Goro Mouse Pad

Rakuten Books

  • Yellow Dragon Tattoo

Lawson Online Shopping

  • Polaroid Collage (Not yet ready for display)


  • RGG Teacup

Sega Store DX Pack

  • Majima Family Phone Case
  • Majima Family Special edition Plate
  • Majima Art Card

SEGA Store – DX Pack Majima Best Set

  • All items included in DX pack
  • Majima Best – Ryu ga Gotoku Majima Goro KARAOKE ALL TIME BEST COLLECTION – CD