Early this morning (or late last night if you’re in Japan) Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios updated the Judge Eyes/Judgment website with a mysterious countdown to what they’re calling Judgment Day.

No word on exactly what this means but given the recent rumors about a new sequel and the international buzz surrounding this countdown we’re pretty confident we’ll be seeing something new from the Judgment franchise.

This is also the first time the eastern and western sides of Ryu Ga Gotoku studio have worked towards a simultaneous release of anything where they acknowledge each others existence outright. Seeing the western account tweet out the Japanese URL does not happen!

The countdown has links to multiple YouTube videos across 10 different languages and is even being promoted on the English side so expect this to be a BIG deal so check back with us closer to launch for the full reveal!

Not to be out done the official Judge Eyes Japanese twitter account is giving away a 2000 yen giftcard every day! It’s only open to Japanese residents but all you need to do is retweet this tweet below to enter.