For those of you playing Yakuza 6 you’ll likely have noticed that instead of Locker keys and Girl cards from previous games this time around you’ll have Kiryu opening safes found around Kamurocho. The keys are always relatively close to each safe and are pretty easy to spot as long as you’re on the look out (and having each safe location marked on the map makes it almost fool proof)

But did you notice that if you head to the rooftop of New Serena there’s a safe that instead of using a key to unlock. You’ll need a password to reach the goods inside. That password is not in Yakuza 6. The password was spread around online about a week after the game released but there was never any confirmation about where or how it was found.

The Map

Famitsu did a little digging and managed to piece together the mystery and it turns out clues about the code had been cheekily placed online just before Yakuza 6’s launch.

Visiting the official Onomichi map page put up by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio that shows a comparison between the in game world and the real life locations. Of course Onamichi looks amazing and the team did an astounding job of crafting a small town that I maintain would be the best place to retire.

But, if you take a look closely at the top, near the little number 1, you’ll see a small nondescript key.


The Pilgrimage To Onomichi

Now that people have played the game you’ll know there’s no hidden key there. In fact the only thing that exists is a playspot where you can give away your cash for experience points.

Intrepid fans just knew there was something else they were missing. Setting out to the Senkoji Temple Observatory in the real world to see what they could find!

Riding the ropeway (another place that appears modeled in game) to the top of the the mountain the temple is always a sight to behold.

Onomichi Cats Guard The Secret

Fittingly, at the top fans finally found a small statue of a cat with a SEGA lanyard for a collar. Attached to the lanyard was a Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 branded card that when turned over showed a 15 digit code with no other explanation.

It didn’t take long for the code to make the rounds and fans started sharing it through social media.

The code for those of you too lazy, or poor, to make the trip is L84T2B2SHF5E5YI and will net you 1 million yen and a rainbow manju (giving you 500 EXP in every stat!)