For a good time call..

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks E3 2017 happened and SEGA brought Yakuza Kiwami and yakuza 6 in full force. Going so far as to recreate the entrance to Tenkaichi street arches and all.

The entire display was amazing and something we’ve never really seen promoting the series in the west EVER.

There was some awesome merch up for grabs for anyone who attended including a Yakuza 6 backpack! Also up for grabs was 2 packets of pocket tissues complete with adverts in each for both the Nyan Nyan Cat Cafe and the seaside town of Onomichi.

What most people didn’t realize (unless you were following our twitter or facebook page) is that the number on the cards is active! If you’re in North America (and over 18) calling 1-866-YAKUZA6 (1-866-925-8926) will connect you to the Yakuza Hotline!

After a quick intro and legal spiel you choose either the Cat Cafe or Onomichi tourism and leave a message. Any messages left may be used in an upcoming advertising campaign for Yakuza 6 so make sure it’s good!

Protip: If you’re outside the USA use Skype or Google Hangouts (or any voip service really). Remember 1866 numbers are toll free so you should be good!