Well this came out of nowhere! Alongside the price and launch date announcement for Yakuza Kiwami. SEGA today opened a new website to help get people caught up to speed with the Yakuza series! Gotta say I’m impressed seems like a lot of love and care went in to everything.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer over at The Yakuza Experience.

Yakuza Interactive Comic

Too busy or can’t afford Yakuza 0 (shame on you!) get caught up on the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu as he fights to clear his name in this interactive motion comic book.

Chapter 1 is available now and we’ll keep you guys updated as more releases later.

Timeline & Character Map

Find out who all the major players of the yakuza series are in one handy place. It’s a little lacking but hopefully they’ll add a little more past yakuza Kiwami as we move forward. Especially into Yakuza 6! It would be awesome to see the whole timeline laid out for everyone to see.

360° Virtual Tour Of Kamurocho
(Coming Soon)

This is the only one that’s not yet live but given the placeholder graphic is from Yakuza 6 I think it’s safe to say they’re saving the best for last. Will be very interested to see how much of Kamurocho is shown but given how amazing the Dragon Engine looks you could show pretty much anything and it’ll look great.

Now if only we could get VR support..